The Difficulties Of Studying In The Chinese Mainland – Admission Essay

The Difficulties Of Studying In The Chinese Mainland – Admission Essay
Many of my classmates who have already applied for the Overseas Exchange Program said that they will not apply again for the Mainland one because they would rather

stay in Hong Kong if they have to choose between Mainland and Hong Kong. However, I believe wherever my exchange is, there are invaluable experiences. Especially, nowadays many of companies have businesses associated with the parties in Mainland China. Thus, my studying and living in Mainland can experience their local culture and working customs and lead me to the road of success in my future career.

But, I still have some concerns in studying in Mainland. First of all, the differences in the study styles between Mainland and Hong Kong are my major concerns. In top universities of Mainland, the students are selected from most brilliant or talented people worldwide. They are very bright and work incredibly determinedly. So, it is not difficult to imagine how hard the competitions are among the students but I am this kind of people that are pleased to meet the hard. This is a reason why I want to be one of the exchange students in China. It is very precious to be working with the world’s most talented professors and students.

Another issue that concerns me is security and corruption problems in Mainland. There are so many citizens in China. The government and police force can hardly dealing with the problems of robbery or stealing which are occurring in any place and time. Their efficiency dealing with accidents are always less organized and slower than in Hong Kong. I, nevertheless, am confident that I can protect myself in Mainland because I am going for studying, not for sightseeing. So, I will be one of the residents there and as integrated as I can so that I will not be a target of bad elements.

Accommodation is also concern in a few Mainland universities, because the Student Halls provided by PolyU is well-equipped; however, I have to get used to different conditions in a short time but I may need to work in Mainland after my graduation, so it should be a chance for me to prepare myself.

In conclusion, I would like to mention the attractiveness of being a mainland exchange student is so great that the problems stated above become insignificant, although those had really concerned me before. I believe that a 21-year-old adult should be able to cope with those entire problems, so I am determined to apply this program and determined to be one of the exchangers to mainland next academic year.