Confucianism to me is a philosophy because it dose not have the mane characteristics that make other religions, accepted religions. Unlike other religions Confucianism was not reformed in response to fine truth of our creation and creator, or to reach true enlightenment. Also unlike all other religions Confucianism dose not believe in a god or gods, and the teachings of Confucianism do not focus on any sort of after life. Finally Confucianism encourages learning and education of the ever changing world around us; witch is in direct contrast to most other religions.

Confucius never had a grate enlightenment or never spoke to a god, he simple saw a troubled world that he thought he could fix. He came up with the ideals of Confucianism to of set the social problems that were going on that time in China. According to Michael Molloy, “the time in which Confucius was born was a time of social turmoil because of the disintegration of the feudal system. Seeing families and individual suffering from the social disorder, Confucius concluded that society would function properly only if virtues were taught and live.” Confucius wanted to create social leaders that could bring about a harmonious society. Witch would in return raise a superb, caring and loving society.

Confucius did not teach that a people needed god to help change there social problems. He rather thought that humans we capable of changing them selves. He thought that people should understand all there social responsibilities then take charge of them. He didn’t believe that people were able to become a well rounded, grate person by sitting in meditation talking to a god; He believed that would be able to become a grate person through upholding your responsibilities with interaction with others such as family members, teachers, friends, bosses and even government ministers. Witch would mean the more time you spent in acting with others, the quicker that the social problems would improve.

One of the biggest reasons that separates other religions from Confucius’s philosophies is that, he dose not peach the ideals that a god or gods will take care of you no matter what as long as you praise it/them. Confucius was a strong believer in education. He was a well rounded educated gentleman him self. After his mothers death he even became a successful teacher but he wanted to play a more influential part on the government so he became a government minister.

Confucianism latter did have temples but Confucius was never revered as a god. The temples were built to show appreciation and to give thanks. Confucius at no point tried to start a religion, he simply want to help the social problems in his society. He was a firm believer that only people could and can change there ways. His philosophies were strong and very influential but never the less they were nothing more then philosophies.