What inspires 25-30 year old men in China today?

As with other young guys around the world, 25-30 year old men in China are ambitious, passionate, enjoy their life, socialize and always looking for opportunities. But what inspire them? In my opinion, the main point is to be regarded as attractive. People who are capable

and exhibit confidence, talent or skill are considered as attractive. For example, it is obvious that exhibiting talents or skills (without showing off) is often cause for admiration. However, this attractiveness also depends on these individuals remaining accessible. It is important to be confident and accomplished, yet also real and not ‘too’ perfect.

Try to imagine a guy sitting in Bund 3, enjoying a whisky on the rocks, he wears Gucci, and a pair of Italian hand-made shoes, the nice melody and his pleasant perfume is mixed and floating in the air surrounding him, he jiggles his glass to make the girls notice him and then he glances at them with a flirting expression in his eyes… after the eye contact, this man may play like other gentlemen— inviting the ladies for a drink It’s very easy to see how attractiveness plays an important role in making new friends, though people often say ‘do not judge anybody by his appearance’ , elegant appearances do give people good impressions and are considered more pleasant to know.

Nowadays, most young men receive better education, they are capable then to go on and get better jobs hat are both well paid and rewarding. Meanwhile, they are all ambitious in their career; they work hard to make progress when they first enter the job scene. But what makes him seem more outstanding compared to other colleagues? Or put it in this way: how can a freshman get promoted earlier? Be attractive! They can get noticed in many ways besides being hard working, here is a very common example, when many new guys enter a company at the same time, they are all hard working, but only some can get promoted, the true high risers are those who may just look more confident or have some talents and exhibited themselves better. These things give their boss a good impression, which in turn will reward them. By being attractive they get noticed more which leads to a better position in the company and higher salary, and this achievement make them more confident and spiritually satisfied.

Moreover, attractiveness is everywhere, and people can easily find and learn from that. when you open a magazine there is always a lot of attractive person, take the hottest Korean star Rain for example, this 20 year old normal looking guy brings a “Rain storm” to China, he is well shaped, excellent dancer and singer, he has lots and lots of fans in Asia and being regarded to be the most popular star. His dark muscular body, metro sexual style, great talent in singing and dancing, which stands for the trend of attractiveness, so young people may go to Tanning Salon to get the same nice color, go to gym to be more muscular or choose “Rain” style dress, with following the leader of trends, they can successfully become an attractive person.

We can easily tell the advantages of being an attractive person, and in today’s China the 25-30 year old men are clear that attractiveness can bring more friends, love and opportunities, and all these will bring them a more confident and happy life.