Imagine this, your sitting on the coach, watching TV, and a cute furry animal pops up in front of you. Are you wondering what the cutest, shyest, and most common animal in the jungles of Central and South America is? If you answered a squirrel monkey, you are correct. It is a fact that they don’t make good house pets, and simply put, they will never adapt to living in a home. The closest it will get to be a pet will be after 1-2 years of training, with a lot of space and the proper diet.
Have you have ever pushed, threatened, or touched someone inappropriately? If so, you have either physically, sexually or verbally abused someone. Generally speaking, the word “Abuse” means treatment of something, such as a person, or thing, that causes some kind of harm or is against the law or just plain wrong. Physical abuse is a form of abuse, which involves contact intended to cause pain, injury, suffering or harm. Sexual abuse is the forcing of non-wanted sexual acts by one person to another. Last, Verbal abuse is when a person uses foul language or says things that threaten or make a person feel scared, which gives the aggressor power over the victim. Sometimes the victim may even die of a severe injury, emotionally or physically, which the abuser has made occur.