Picture being only six years old and having the fate of humanity and all life on earth rest in your hands. This is one of the obstacles in Orson Scott Card’s novel Ender’s Game, which main character, Ender faces. Because of his high intelligence and strong will power and fight, Ender is chosen to command the world’s military against their alien enemies called the Buggers. As Ender makes his way through battle school, commander school and through his abnormal childhood, he confronts one of society’s worst flaws, which is revealed throughout the entire novel. Card demonstrates how through manipulation and deceit, human morality can be dictated by the society in which it lives in and the outcome of this dictatorship is often a negative one.
Malcolm X The Civil Rights Era was a time of hardships and oppression for minorities living in the United States. Minorities were treated unfairly and oppressed for the past 200 years which is why many of them wanted a change in the society they lived in. Throughout the course of the Civil Rights Movement many leaders arose to lead their followers to liberation from discrimination and racism. Malcolm X was one of these leaders.