What are the characteristics of a Successful Latino in the United States – Sociology Essay

What are the characteristics of a Successful Latino in the United States – Sociology Essay
There are a few characteristics to become a successful Latino in the U.S:
1.You have to be determined and persistent at what your academic and professional goal is.
2.You must work hard to reach these goals, like doing

good at your studies receiving good grades and be recommended by the school you attended at.
3.With about 20 years or more of school it takes to get degree at whatever subject you are working hard for will pay off.
4.Always thinking toward starting your business for that is the biggest goal for many Latinos.
5.Once you find a job work as hard as you did in school, get more experience in the job world and try to look for a job that pays better than now, but if you like the pay and job you work for, then stay.
6.With dedication and hard work, who knows maybe you can get promoted to a higher position and get even better pay.
7.Once you finally own your business make sure you be reasonable at the pay you give to your employees reasonable pay and benefits and that whatever your is sells and your business will last a long time.
These characteristics in becoming a successful Latino in the United States. Just to become dedicated and smart on what path you choose in life.

2. How do and/or will you fit this profile?
I myself am dedicated at whatever I do. Sure I didn’t get the best marks in High School, because of all the fun I had. But now that I am in a Technical College, I am very dedicated and focused more than ever. Doing whatever assignments they give as soon possible and well done. I do well on test since I study on the notes I take in class. I am very dedicated this time because it something I wanted to do for a long time, its something I like. Become a Designer of Structures, Objects, and soon characters for Video Games, for that is my major goal in my life. When I do find a job I will also very dedicated if it’s the job I wanted all my life. But I will always keep in mind to start my own business, but mostly my main goal is to work for major video game company and design the characters, backgrounds, etc. With a little hard work and dedication I am almost there at finally making my childhood dream come true.