Captivity is defined by “the condition of being imprisoned or confined.” Captivity is something two very […]
Remember when you were young, in middle school, and there were all these preps? Well, I have a problem with the preps in my school. First of all, I have always wanted to be popular throughout my whole life. I have tried so hard to become popular, and nothing that I've tried has worked at all. All of the preps in my school think that they're better than everyone else, and they think that they're the hottest things in the world. Well, they're not. And most of them tell me that I'm weird, that I need to get a life, and that I need to get better friends. I've tried to get better friends, but I guess the only kind of friends I'll ever have are skanks.
One of the purposes of the United States’ border policy is to protect the citizens of this great country from non-citizens who intend to harm or acts of violence against those within its borders. A main goals of this policy is to know, at all times, who is inside the massive national borders that stretch all the way from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, covering thousands of miles of land. About one million immigrants arrive to the United States legally every year. Yet every year there are also an estimated 800,000 people who enter this country illegally, or illegally overstay their visa (“Immigration and the Border” par. 4). This means that nearly one out of every two immigrants that is in the United States is here illegally. There is basically no record of where they are and what they doing here. This could potentially have a tremendously negative effect on what the United States is so proudly known for: a strong economy, a safe home for its citizens, fair and equal employment, and a free people. With so many illegal aliens within our borders, it is unclear how safe the American people really are since it is unclear what these alien’s intentions are in United States. The United States currently has a very poor immigration policy that is in desperate need of a change. Particularly, The United States needs to reform its border protection policy under the plan of presidential candidate Barck Obama in order to create safer borders for its citizens.