The area of law with which this problem is associated with is the laws of consumer protection in unfair practices, specifically in the context of express and implied warranty in relation to the supply of services.
The Iraq war was declared by George Bush on March 20, 2003. This war is also known as the Second Golf War, the Occupation of Iraq, and The War in Iraq. (Wikipedia) The war is a response to the attacks on September 11th and the belief that Iraq had amassed Weapons of Mass destruction. Their was a belief that Iraq posed an imminent threat to the United States and that the United States needed to act immediately to eliminate this threat. Since that day we have lost over 4,000 soldiers (icasualties) and it has cost the United States $565,308,329,744 and is getting higher (national priorities). On the contrary, we have removed the dictator Saddam Hussein from power and forced the Al-Qaeda terrorist group into hiding. Now that it is election time, our candidates need to decide what their plan for our future presence in Iraq if they are to be elected.
The desire to appear more attractive is universal, its permeating throughout history and in all parts of the world. Both men and women have gone through great lengths to try and meet the standards set by their society's and cultures. Plastic cosmetic surgery, as a from of beautification has been around for thousands of years, but only in the past century have people taken such drastic steps to change their body. Although the desire for beauty is universal, what is considered beautiful is not; it depends on the culture and society that one is from. In an attempt to become happier and more attractive, many people are turning to cosmetic plastic surgery, and the different genders and age groups all have their reasons for resorting to surgery. With the pressure to conform to our societies standards of beauty from the media; and TV shows that glorify plastic surgery and put a new person under the knife each week, it is no wonder that the number of plastic cosmetic surgery's carried out are on the rise. In fact cosmetic plastic surgery has quickly become the most common type of surgical procedure to be carried out. In some cases cosmetic plastic surgery can have a positive impact in someone's life, but for far too many cosmetic surgery patients things don't go as smoothly as hoped. Botched procedures, dangerous methods, and unqualified surgeons can lead to a potentially disastrous and even life threatening experience. For these reasons there should be an age restriction of 18 and older on anyone having cosmetic plastic surgery.