The narrator of Invisible Man is telling more a story of self-discovery. A lot of times self narration comes with self-reflection and the Narrator later comes to realizes that all his roles have been created by the environment and culture around him. Throughout the story the narrator has no sense of self worth. Only the stereotypical roles that others have given him, and he bases his ideas on the options of others.
If we are to be a serious society then we need to address the human element seriously, and that means addressing the worst of the human element along with the best. As humans are raised differently and their amount of self control varies with each individual there can be no constant as to the degree of behavior. Athletes who have had even the most stringent upbringing may enter the professional world as polite and decent human beings, and then after super stardom and the total collapse of inhibition and self control takes hold what once was a stellar upstanding member of society becomes a variant of the criminal class.