I am a descendent of Mexican American and Irish Americans and I chose to explore the history of the Mexican immigration to the United States. I have found that the Mexicans that immigrated to the United States faced many obstacles and suffered through a great deal of discrimination from the Americans. The immigrants dealt with a severe dual labor market during the early to mid 1940’s in the United States. There was also a definite portrayal of redlining with the Mexicans immigrating to the United States. The Mexican migrates had several issues that they faced upon trying to first enter the country and even today there are still many things that they have to face if they wish to enter and become a part of the United States.
Matt Taibbi’s article “The Great American Bubble Machine” begins with his introduction claiming that Goldman Sachs is everywhere. The article begins with the approach and scare as the investment firm, Goldman Sachs, was one of the recipients of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan of 2009. It caught my attention in the first paragraph.