The evolution of sex is the hardest problem in evolutionary biology. -John M. Smith One of the most curious problems of the human condition pertains to sexual diversification amongst men and women. It is apparent that the physiology of both sexes differs to some degree. Both men and women have different reproductive organs yet, there seems to be a lot more going on underneath the surface. Why do men find women attractive? Why do women find men attractive? Mating rituals have changed over the course of history, but has basic human biology?
The sun was beginning its descent back down towards the East, where it would, in time, become dark again. The rocks in the distance almost fell behind the naturally curved shape of the island, formed by the never-ending crash of waves. Here, where he was standing, the water was quieter, calmer. The lap of the waves was subdued on the smooth wetness of the light brown sand. Not a sign of life was to be seen on the water. The only movement was a pair of gulls that soared smoothly overhead, crying softly as they moved over the shoreline in search of sustenance.