Nelson Mandela: “No Easy Walk to Freedom” He is the son of Africa, the father of a nation, and one of the most revered and exemplary persons in the world. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most influential figures of the twentieth century, a man of enormous moral integrity, and respected throughout the world for his dignity, courage, and tolerance. Nelson Mandela, or Rolihlahla Dalibhunga, belonging to the Madiba clan of the Thembu tribe in South Africa, was born on July 18, 1918. In the Xhosa language, his name meant ‘pulling the branch of a tree’ or ‘troublemaker’. We all know about South Africa, apartheid, and Nelson Mandela, but after reading Nelson Mandela: “No Easy Walk to Freedom” by Barry Denenburg, we get a vivid picture of an eminent man who has immovable determination, great courage, and limitless tolerance, making this book very absorbing and worth recommending.
Running Head: LAW AND LEGAL PROCESS - Legal Aspects of Health Care Abstract This paper will discuss specific issues related to California legal statutes and medical treatment. It will address the legality of a foreign educated doctor advertising abortion services in the state, the length of time a respondent has to answer a lawsuit, and any advance notice the plaintiff must give the respondent. I will close by covering subpoenas and a person’s obligation in responding to a subpoena.