In this day of how business is conducted it becomes hard to come across a company or any manufacturing business that makes their product from the ground up, without outsourcing for all or part of its product. Nike is no exception this American business trait of conducting business. Nike has multiple manufacturing facilities throughout the world (primarily Asian countries). Nike was one of the first major global foreign companies who was widely scrutinize not only for outsourcing jobs to lower economic countries, but much of the controversy was brought over wages and working conditions of its employees; of which much of the judicial systems placed in these countries have no system enforced for such employment rights.
The play Romeo and Juliet was written by William Shakespeare was filled with horrible mistakes caused my different characters. Is Romeo and Juliet a play that was filled by characters who did the wrong decision? Or was it fate? Where Romeo and Juliet really meant for each other? Or Just a coincidence? I believe it was just one wrong mistake after another that made this play such a tragedy. Many terrible mistakes made by certain people happened in the play that caused a tragic end. Some of these terrible mistakes where Friar Lawrence marrying Romeo and Juliet, his plan of faking Juliet’s death; Romeo slaying Tybalt; and the most crucial mistake of all: timing.