Criminal law is referred to as that branch of law concerned with crimes committed against the public authority. It is very different from civil law. An example is murder. It is very easy to put murder under civil law because it is a crime committed against another human being but the crime of murder is against the public interests. An example of civil crime is when aperson does not honor a contract.
Dear Mr. Marcus: Over the past couple of months my English class has been using your book, Mystery Train, to assist us in the understanding of how music can be used in different ways as a metaphor. The title of our course is “Music as Metaphor” and the main focus of our studies is America and the music that has come from within it, as well as the outside influences that have impacted American music. For my final project I have chosen to prove to you why Bob Marley should be placed in your book, or in a future sequel. When I first chose this topic my main concern was that Marley is not an American musician therefore he wouldn’t fit into the “Images of America in Rock ’n’ Roll” in which your book is based upon.
Martin Luther King Jr. was a man of faith. Throughout the Civil Rights movement during the 1960s, Dr. King held onto his faith to attain justice for the American society. Every aspect of racism looked like an injustice that would never change; moreover, it looked as if good would not be able to triumph over evil. However, Dr. King brought hope to a society of hopeless individuals. Martin Luther King, Jr. impacted American History during the Civil Rights movement through his philosophy of nonviolence.
After the Civil War African-Americans were looking for more opportunities which led to a mass migration out of the South to the North and West where they would be able to find work and more easily integrate into the dominate white society (Horton and Horton, 228).
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