Degradation at Our Expense

Getting arrested is a very disturbing event for most people. Having the police come to your house to find you is even more disruptive to the human psyche. The events that occur during that particular event can have lasting negative effects. The procedures police use during arrests lead to people feeling degraded and dehumanized as well as angry, confused, and fearful. Having to endure that experience would probably be too much for me to handle personally. The rapport that police will have with the common person from that point on in their lives may be permanently changed or damaged due to how they were treated.
Mr Biggs a division of U.A.C Nigeria Plc which is regarded as one of Nigeria’s fastest growing Quick Service Restaurants. It was founded in 1986 and since then, has played pace setting role in Restaurants Services. This work tries to critically examines the Origin, Vision and Contributions of Mr Biggs to the economy of Nigeria and also Lagos state where most of its outlets are situated. Thus, this research would also shed more light on the growth and expansion rate of Mr Biggs and its influence in the fast food industry in Lagos.