The energy drink is a new trend in the world of beverages that is one of the fastest growing beverages on the market. You can find them pretty much anywhere you can purchase a can of coke or a bottle of water. You can even mix the energy drink with alcoholic beverages. I am going to analyze the trends of the energy drink and explain how it is quickly taking over the beverage industry. First I will give you a brief summary of a few of the economics definitions to help you understand the findings of the article that I analyzed.
The media consists of all types of communication used to reach society in one way or another. Whether the medium is print, film, television, internet, or advertisements, the media sends messages to mass audiences every day. These messages can be perceived either positively or negatively. They can have an impact on society at large or have a personal effect. Scholars have debated that the media lends a hand in constructing society’s views on places, situations, government, and races. Others suggest the media is providing entertainment and a progressive technology. The controversy between the affect of the media is ongoing. One of the main issues is that media has a powerful impact that has carved a place in society and amongst various races. Studies show that the African American culture can be used as an example to show the impact of media’s usage of stereotypes and cultural depiction in today’s society.