Day: May 26, 2009

  • What is a computer programmer?

    ABSTRACT Information Technology has many different career choices, one is becoming a computer programmer. The interest of High School seniors is low as a career in Information Technology. Information included in this paper includes the characteristics of individuals that would make good programmers, requirements of the career, work environment, and the salary potential for the…

  • The Influence of Homosexuality in the Media

    The transition of our world is happening before our very eyes… amongst the most talked about topics is the appointing and politics of President Barack Obama, the crashing economy and the issue of Ms. California and her views on homosexuality. Though the president and the economy have been unpredictable to some, homosexuality has always been…

  • An Unstable Pakistan

    Pakistan is unfortunately in the state of internal unrest and instability since independence. Different forms of governments had been applied to the country, by people of different visions, every one of them claiming to bring better tomorrow to the nation but unfortunately they made fool of people.