ABSTRACT Information Technology has many different career choices, one is becoming a computer programmer. The interest of High School seniors is low as a career in Information Technology. Information included in this paper includes the characteristics of individuals that would make good programmers, requirements of the career, work environment, and the salary potential for the career. The research is provided for High School seniors to get a glimpse into a career that is not widely thought of. Thousands of careers are being sent to other countries because the United States can not create enough professionals to fill these positions. A survey that was done shows that starting salaries for college graduates are rising because of the increase in competition entering the workforce. A survey included in this research was done involving individuals level of education, security in their career, their ability to find a comparable job, and their happiness with their career choice. The findings in this research can be concluded that a college education can help in the workforce and job security. Included are some of the work environment factors including what might be expected of someone as far as hours and the environment and although it is better than a factory job but not the average 8 a.m.-5 p.m. career, it is not enough to get these positions filled. Information obtained is from sources such as the U.S. Department of Labor, Journal of American Academy of Business, the National Association of Colleges and Employers, along with other various resources.
The transition of our world is happening before our very eyes… amongst the most talked about topics is the appointing and politics of President Barack Obama, the crashing economy and the issue of Ms. California and her views on homosexuality. Though the president and the economy have been unpredictable to some, homosexuality has always been a controversial subject. This alternative lifestyle does not fit into our social ideals, “the American Dream”. Established throughout the late forties and fifties, this “Dream” painted a very clear picture of what the pursuit of happiness in American society should be, stressing the importance of gender roles and the perfect family. Homosexuality was rarely heard of during this time and was considered shameful. Men, women, and children were told that “homosexuals are dangerous”.
Pakistan is unfortunately in the state of internal unrest and instability since independence. Different forms of governments had been applied to the country, by people of different visions, every one of them claiming to bring better tomorrow to the nation but unfortunately they made fool of people.