The role of rhetoric in the greater scheme of thought is incalculable. Rhetoric, including language and discourse, has provided a stage for the development of thought. The interdisciplinary development and practice of rhetoric is intertwined with thought, as one facet cannot be deemed causal to the other. From its beginnings, rhetoric has expanded from fundamental claims of truth to discourse of theories of language and cultural ideology. Discussion on the limitations of language to reflect truth is the enduring debate concerning the role of rhetoric.
In reading the article “Bad Bugs” I learned that bacteria can become immune to antibiotics. Antibiotic-immune bacteria have lived long before we did and they want to keep living, so they have gotten smarter. When an antibiotic drug is introduced to the body, bacteria begin to evolve and form a resistance to it Most of the cases of antimicrobial resistance occur in hospitals. Seventy percent of bacteria that cause infections in hospitals are resistant to at least one antibiotic. In the past couple of years drug-resistant diseases have been increasingly showing up in communities to people that haven’t gone to a hospital. This is because when a person takes an antibiotic it kills the sensitive germs, but some resistant bacteria stays to grow and reproduce. If a patient takes antibiotics incorrectly the bacteria have a greater chance to develop a resistance.
This article was about the how humans are working towards a cure for cancer. In recent years we have gotten closer and are still making a lot of progress. As quoted by George Demetri, “Cancer drug development now is where antibiotics developments was in the fifties.” T-cells are white blood cells that help the immune response. Now that we have made advances in blood bank technology, T-cell transfusions can finally be done. The T-cells are engineered using lentiviral vectors. The T-cells in patients are fixed so that they can fight the viral HIV and this has made a big step towards curing people. Antibodies are also used in Cancer Therapy. According to Donald Drakeman antibodies are the eyes and ears of the immune system, offering constant surveillance for viruses, bacteria, and other disease causing agents formed in the human body. Antibodies are Y-shaped proteins that use a ‘lock and key’ mechanism to attach to the antigens. The rest of an antibody can now be used to recruit other parts of the immune system to fight disease. The amount of monoclonal antibodies sales has gone up from zero to five billion dollars in a few years. The patients who also get MAbs are surviving longer and see less toxicity effects than previous treatments. Vaccines are being used for cancer therapy as well. The GVAX cancer vaccines are made from tumor cells that have been changed genetically to secrete granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor (GM-CSF), an immune system stimulating hormone. Cell Genesys is developing a pharmaceutical that can be injected into someone. This will put active immune cells in the body after injection. GVAX has also shown a median survival of 26 months compared to 18-19 months with chemotherapy.
Have you taken your Department of Motor Vehicle written knowledge test? If you have than I am sure you were asked what language you wanted to take it in. I know that the United States does not have an official language and that street signs in some of our cities are in Spanish, but does that mean the licensing test should be given in thirty four different languages? I believe that the United States Department of Motor Vehicle should limit the language in which the drivers test can be taken down to English and Spanish. I do not believe that a person who can not read English, or Spanish in those towns that do offer Spanish road signs, should be allowed to take the drivers test due to it being a safety risk. I also believe that those driver’s in towns whose signs are in Spanish, that they should only be able to drive in those specific areas.