Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen, is a remarkable novel depicting the complications between a man and a woman before and as they fall in love. Elizabeth Bennet, the protagonist, is a twenty-year old lady who is an active member in the simple country society in rural England. She lives with her parents and four other sisters. Elizabeth, or ‘Lizzy’ is an original, differing from the other girls in her town because she is sharp-witted and quick, and she has fiery spirit although she is only moderately pretty.
Among all illicit drugs marijuana is the most commonly used drug by teenagers. Its effects give the user a “lifted” feeling. The long-term effects of marijuana are ten times worse than tobacco. Marijuana is the most highly illegal used drug by teenagers because of its feel good effects and how easy it is to obtain.
Amongst one common group there are many smaller groups. These groups may carry many similar traits, but at the same time also possess differences that keep them arms length apart and maintaining beliefs that each hold of one another. Two groups in particular are Mexicans and Puerto Ricans. The two groups are closely examined in an area where they both immigrate to and quickly populate. The area of concentration is Chicago. We will take a closer look into the book Latino Crossings, by Nicholas De Genova and Ana Y. Ramos-Zayas. The examination interest is Mexican and Puerto Rican’s relationship with work. There are different aspects of this so I will serve you a sampler platter of what I find important and noteworthy.