College isn’t for everyone is an article written by W.J. Reeves, an English professor in New York. The article was published in USA Today on the 23rd of May, 2003. In this article, the author brings up aspects which discuss general college material, such as students, professors and admissions. In the beginning of the article, Reeves mentions how eager most parents today are about sending their kids to
Of all of the heat engines developed today the Stirling engine has the greatest promise to be the most efficient. Theoretically, the Stirling engine has the ability to function at the full Carnot efficiency. However friction, thermal conductivity and other variables keep it from ever reaching that theoretical potential. Stirling engines, being “external combustion” engines, are very
In Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing, five characters of different races turn directly to the camera and angrily vociferate a long list of racial slurs about other ethnicities that, in the end, leaves the viewer wondering what hit them. One hears time old slanders and massive generalizations, combined with new sounding stereotypes that everybody seems to understand. What underlying commentary about race relations in America today did Spike Lee have by including this upsetting, disturbing scene in the film?