Day: April 9, 2007

  • Personal Safety Classes – Research Paper

    Abstract – The main purposes of this study is to determine whether or not a personal safety class given to female freshmen would decrease the amount of sexual coercion on campuses and also the amount of revictimization of child sexual abuse (CSA) survivors

  • The Poetry of William Carlos Williams

    The poetry of William Carlos Williams uses imagery that refers to everyday experiences and concrete images that describe material objects. Goodblatt and Glicksohn propose that comprehending a metaphor is like problem solving, “in its more creative form,” and that this

  • “This Hallowed Ground” by Bruce Catton

    The Civil War remains one of the most discussed events in our Nation’s history. It is also one of the first events we learn as children in elementary school. From there we only learn the basics; such as the war was fought between the North and South parts of the United