City of Louisville vs. Humprey - Law Research Summary (300 Level Course) 461 S.W. 2d 352 (1971) 1) Facts: The appellee obtained judgment on a verdict for $56,534.34 against appellant for injuries, resulting in the death of her husband, which she claimed he received after his arrest or while he was confined in the city's jail. The city appeals. We reverse. Before stating the facts, we should emphasize the appellee's theory of the case that her husband's fatal injuries were inflicted by one or both of the two arresting officers, or by a jail employee, or by a fellow prisoner.
Chronology in Death of a Salesman - English Essay (100 Level Course) Arthur Miller uses irregular chronological sequencing to convey themes to the reader effectively. Strategically placed flashbacks help to explain what Willy is feeling and why he is struggling in life now. These flashbacks give the reader insight to the past that has caused his troubled present. In addition, they serve to illustrate