Mental Process: an Innovation Paper

A mental process is defined as “an operation that affects mental contents”. (Mental Process, 2006) One part of the mental process is the creative intelligence aspect. Creative intelligence is used daily to make decisions in business. In the paper I will compare and contrast the four styles of creative intelligence, how it influence business decisions, the five forces that influence our mental models and mindsets, and how those forces can limit our creative intelligence in making business decisions.

Compare and contrast the four styles of creative intelligence
The four styles of creative intelligence are intuitive, innovation, imaginative, and inspirational. Intuitive style focuses on results and relies on past experience to guide actions. Innovation style focuses on problem solving and relies on data. Imaginative style uses a more artistic aspect of decision making allowing to “think out the box”, and inspirational style focuses on social change. Intuitive and innovation can be one in the same because the person making decisions using one of these creative intelligence styles may rely on past data to resolve problems or create an action plan on how to handle a problem. Imaginative and inspirational styles are similar as well because in order to make decisions to create social change usually takes very creative (thinking out the box) type ideas to make those decisions. The difference between all styles are intuitive have to compare the situation to a similar situation and view the results of that situation before making any decisions, however innovation collects data and only uses that data to make the decision in which a more scientific approach may be used. Imaginative uses unusual approaches to make decisions strictly using creativity instead of hard facts. When using inspirational style its main purpose is to make decisions to help or inspire others oppose to gaining profit. All the creative intelligence styles are used daily to make important business decisions. Depending upon the situation a one or a combination of creative intelligence styles maybe used. Regardless of what style is used all are great tools for guidance in making important business decisions.
Creative Intelligence influence in business decisions.

The four creative intelligence styles have great influence in all business decisions regardless of the situation. As mentioned before all styles maybe used separately or together. The intuitive style influences decisions by researching similar issues. Businesses can correct mistakes and make better decisions based on previous results of those similar issues. For example lawyers sometimes use similar cases to make decisions on how to argue their own case. The influence innovative style has on business decisions are somewhat similar to intuitive style. Innovation does require some research of an issue before making decisions. The results from the research guide the business decisions. In the wireless industry there are several surveys and analysis done to determine what type of services needed, for instance, there was a need for convenience of internet usage for busy consumers who are not always able to get to a computer so they provide wireless internet service as well as mobile web available on all phones. The wireless industry realized not only business people needed this service, but others did as well such as: college students, stay-at-home mothers/fathers, teachers, nurses, and many others. Imaginative style influence decisions when organizations need to be unique and set apart for others in the same industry. An example of imaginative style is Microsoft vs. Apple. Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system available as well as cheaper, however consumers were frustrated with the maintanience with Windows therefore many changed their operating system to Mac computers. Mac computers are less compatible with websites and application and they cost much more than a Windows based computer however many people were willing to use Mac because it provide better internet service and much safer to use without getting a virus on your computer. With the growing popularity of Mac, Microsoft Windows came out with Windows 6. Windows 6 operating system is supposed to be much faster, safer and better than the rest. The advertisement for Windows 6 gives the impression that Microsoft is simply responding to consumers complaints and creating an operating system that will prevent all the problems the other operating systems had. Inspirational style is much different from the other styles as far as influencing business ideas. Other creative intelligence styles influence business ideas for the sole purpose of gaining profit or bettering the business, however inspirational style influences ideas to help and serve others and in turn can indirectly cause a company to profit. Examples of inspirational style are non-profit organizations. These organizations such as Volunteers of America main purpose is to help others and mainly gain their profits by donations or grants, however, these organizations do have to operate like a regular business in order to keep afloat.

Five forces that influence our mental models and mindsets and how it limits our mental models and mindsets
The five forces that influence our mental models and mindsets are education, training, influence on others, rewards and incentives, and personal experience. “Education forms a foundation that molds our world view.”(Wind, Crook, Gunther 2005) Depending on a person’s education background determines their mental models and mindset. A person with a certain education background or occupation such as a bus driver may have a different perspective of the world as a doctor. Since education has such a broad influence it usually allows others to be more open minded and do pose any limitations on our creative intelligence. Training has a more specific influence on our mental models and mindsets. It is not as broad education, however training can become a bad influence if the person is not willing to change or update their training as the world change around them. When a person is not willing to work outside of what they have been trained to do or expand their training definitely limits a person creative intelligence. Influence of others is the most common influence on our mental models and mindsets. People usually are influenced by their surroundings. This is does limit the creative intelligence if the person is not will to broaden their surroundings. When a person is around the people whom are closest to them tends to adapt their perspective on certain issues, in which influences their very own mental model and mindset of their environment. Sometimes certain mental models and mindset result into incentives and rewards. These incentives can be reflection from different influences that has shape our mental model or mindset. Personal experience is the greatest influence upon our mental models and mindsets. Through personal experience is where we learn how to certain issues that may arise in the future and how to prevent mistakes. All people mental models and mindset are shaped by their personal experiences. Our creative intelligence is limited by personal experience if our personal experience was a negative experience in which may cause fear for being creative.

Our creative intelligence and mental models and mindsets are what our perspectives are on the world as a whole. Certain issues may alter our creative intelligence and mental models and mindsets. However, determining what style of creative intelligence and what influences the mental models and mindsets will definitely help making important business decisions.


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