Air (as we know it generally) is Visible to the Eyes Often I fail to understand how this simple concept could elude the greatly acclaimed minds of philosophers past. This basic thing, I would assume, should have been tackled first before we engage our minds to pore over much more complicated and onerous philosophical and scientific facts. As far as I have knowledge, none of the great thinkers gone, or those presently have delved deeper into this theme. That is why I would like to engage everyone into mulling over this issue. From here, I would then encourage everyone who is intellectually inclined to read through my arguments carefully and unhurriedly so that they can raise much more logical and deeper counter perspectives of this laborious matter. Nevertheless, I do not mean to say that these deliberations are for the boffins only; it is for everyone and anyone who is capable of rationalizing. I am personally (and definitely) not a boffin!