The four groups Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans and South Americans have been chosen for identifying the linguistic, political, social, economic, religious and familial conventions and way of life of these different Hispanic groups living in the U.S. All these groups are from different regions but have been placed in one category due to the similarity of their language. The base is Spanish but the accent and the meaning of certain words are different. Two groups; Mexican Americans and South Americans, even though they are the same region have different dialects as well.
While reading these articles, Roberts (2002) and Salis (2008) spoke on the subject of women wanting sex just as much as the man. When a woman is interested in a man sparks will fly, but if she is not interest in the man chances are she will likely not want to be bothered with him. In general it seems as if women think about sex or love talking about sex openly. Woman who can never reach an orgasm will more likely have a disinterest in sexual encounters. Women love foreplay, because of the intimacy that is involved. Women love to be touched, flirted with, and for someone to make them laugh that makes the women feel sexy. If most men did not act like an animal towards women, but worked on getting the woman aroused it would make the encounter more enjoyable for the woman.