Unipolar and Bipolar disorders have haunted people throughout the years, making it difficult for them to maintain what they deemed as a normal lifestyle. They watch through cold eyes as others live on normally and wish they too could frolic about so effortlessly. It can make them bitter, angry, or even suicidal. I myself have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder for five years now. I know from experience just how hard it is to want to live a life you expected for yourself, but have a curve ball thrown at you that takes you way off course and plants you where you never saw yourself. My mother suffers from depression so I know the dangers of that disease as well. Happiness does not come easily, and we both must strive to have it. Minor setbacks discourage us from wanting to try again and can put us in a rut for weeks to come. Not knowing or understanding how to handle these disorders can be as precarious as walking around with a loaded gun.