Many sociologist and criminal theorist have attempted to explain fluctuation in the crime rates at both a state and national level through out America. Perhaps one of the most widely scrutinized and debated relationships is that between the crime rate and incarceration levels. The U.S Department of justice has stated that “tough sentencing means
Madagascar was found by accident in the 1500s by Diego Dias Madagascar is located in Indian Ocean off the south-east of Africa. Also Madagascar is one of the largest is lands in the world, it takes up 587 thousand sq. km. and it has 18.6 million inhabitants. In Madagascar a total of 73% of the population is living in rural areas. The country was
The acquisition of Sears Roebuck & Co, cost to Kmart Holding Corporation $ 11 billion (Dess, Lumpkin, Eisner, Strategic Management, 211, 2008). This merger occurred for economical reasons. This merger will benefit both companies in different ways separately and as Sears Holding Company.
I am not a big fan of opera. It seems so theatrical, which I know is the point, but excessively so for my tastes. They oftentimes sing in foreign languages, which may seem romantic, but to the everywoman I am, it seems my daughter can
In the summer of 2004, one man had a vision. This man, a comedian and actor named Dave Chappelle, wanted to throw a giant block party in the heart of the Bronx. Chappelle compiled a variety of acts to play at his concert, ranging from contemporary stars like Kanye West to unlikely reunion acts such as The Fugees. “Dave Chappelle’s Block Party” is a good movie because it breaks away from many stereotypes
The petroleum industry in Nigeria has brought unprecedented changes to the Nigerian economy, particularly in the past five decades when it replaced agriculture as the cornerstone of the Nigeria economy. The oil industry has risen to the commanding heights of the Nigerian economy,