Playing the trumpet: Lesson One - Music Essay Your first objective, before actually playing a trumpet is too find the right beginner instrument for you. As my middle school instructor told me when I arrived to my first class, get a least used instrument. I would
The Joy of The Tuba - Music Essay Ahhh! The tuba (That’s Latin - : - Trumpet). The tuba is the biggest and the shiniest of all the brass family. It is also very possible, that it is heavier than all the other brass instruments put together.
My Understanding of the Song "Lucky" by Britney Spears - Music Class I feel that the song “Lucky” performed by Britney Spears, written by whomever writes songs for Britney Spears addresses an important topic that is very relevant in society today. The song begins: “This is a story about a
Musicarama Concert – Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra This is my first time to attend the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra concert at Hong Kong City Hall. In this concert, those musical instruments are very attractive, such as cor anglais, bassoons, timpani, and harp. I realize that each
“Trafficking in Taiwan Aboriginal Music” Summary and Analysis - Music Paper In this article, Nancy Guy raises the issue on how artists from the First World use “exotic” material produced from indigenous world music but do not acknowledge their uses. Therefore the recording artists
Dutch Composers and Their Contributions to the Sacred Music of the Renaissance Modern day Holland, or more properly, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is a mix of old and new, foreign and domestic. It is a place of brotherhood and unity, where the population strives as one to continually reclaim itself from the ever encroaching sea. However, this was not always the case, as the Netherlands has only
British Popular Culture and The Music That Followed - Music Essay I’m going to comment on the British pop culture of the 60’s and 70’s using as examples two of the most famous songs of the Beatles: Help! and Imagine. I am going to comment on those texts at the same time I place them into the historical and social context of the time.
Music lessons: effects/correlations on/between general and musical intelligence according to age and gender Abstract - To investigate how music lessons, affects one’s improvement in general and musical Intelligence Quotient (IQ) by looking at IQ scores using tests. The review discusses the past research conducted identifying experimental flaws and limitations. The study intends to replicate previous research correcting their flaws and limitations. 54 participants (27 males/27 females) between the ages of 6 and 40 years old were recruited to complete 3 tests conducted at the University of Otago.
The effects of Rebellion on Contemporary Music - Music Research Paper Throughout history, music has perhaps been one of the most influential elements in different cultures and societies. Music has become a universal language in which individuals of all sexes, races and ethnic backgrounds are able to unite and relate with one another through for a common purpose. The ancestry of music is one of the earliest forms of communication that has served as a tool for entertainment as well as holding educational purposes (Pleasants 1955:7). Over time, thousands of different styles and genres have evolved to make up the diverse world of music that is available for different preferences and interests.