Shaalan V. Jerden Breif Summary- Tort Law Research Paper (300 Level Course) Shaalan V. Jerden, 713 NE2d 896 Ind. App. (1999) Facts: Rita Wanstrath Jerden gave birth to a son, A.K.S., on January 31, 1992. The next day Rita and Shaalan executed a paternity affidavit. They never wed, but Shaalan lived with Rita and the child or had frequent contact through March 1994. Shaalan paid for four months of day care while Rita provided financial support.
Orville Lynn Majors vs. State of Indiana - Criminal Law (400 Level Course) 773 N.E.2d. 231 (2002) Facts: Majors worked as a licensed practical nurse at Vermillion County Hospital. In March of 1995, an investigation began into a series of suspicious patient deaths at the hospital. The investigation revealed that Majors was present at the sudden and unexpected deaths of seven of the patients, and that no one else was present at all seven. Investigators concluded that Majors killed these people by injecting them with potassium chloride. The state charged Majors with seven counts of murder.
The Purpose of a Jury - Law 200 Level Course The purpose of trial by jury, as the Supreme Court itself has noted, is to prevent "oppression by the government." To perform that role, jurors must act independently and conscientiously, and they must be prepared to "just say no" if they believe that a conviction would be unjust. Nothing else satisfies the purpose of trial by jury, or provides the protection to liberty that the Founders intended to provide in our Bill of Rights.