FORP News Letter - November 13 - 2005 As of writing this letter we have been online 12 weeks, 11 hours, and 59 min. Thank you to everyone who is contributing to make this an excellent resource and a growing community of students seeking out examples of high quality work. Also, a special thanks to keto and drgold for helping us out with some bug issues relating to the sites functionality. If not for you guys we would be still doing things the hard way!
Congratulations! We have been online for 1 week 6 days 9 hours. Things are looking good for FORP with 122 papers posted thus far and many more to come. Over the past couple of days we have expanded our topics to include poetry, short stories, and book reviews. We wanted to give a place for those of you with a creative side a place to publish. Thanks for supporting FORP and keep on publishing your papers, articles, essays, and creative writing samples. Regards, Admin
Again, thank you for visiting and participating in FORP ( without students like you this site would not make it. Below are some of the most commmon questions we get by newer users:
Dear Friend, Thank you for donating and keeping up and running. We hope that you have found this site valuable and worth while. Without your support FORP would not be possible. If you have any further questions or comments please use our feedback form. Thank you, Admin (FORP) is a community of students who contribute essays and research papers in order to obtain access to all other student's papers. FORP is a free resource for students who are willing to participate in our ever growing community by posting a research paper, essay, review, book report, mid-term, or written assignment. All subjects are welcome, however, please be aware that all papers are reviewed by our administrator group before they are published to our site. So please use common sense and there will be no problems. If you desire access to our community and do not wish to submit a paper you now have the option to purchase access for $12.50 a month via paypal.