Fluid Temperature Distributation in Oil & Gas Wells - Engineering Essay Predicting accurate temperature Profiles in flowing wells can improve the design of production facilities in petroleum engineering. Temperature Profiles in wellbore have application in cementing operations, accurate 2-phase
Fuel Cells in Transportation - Engineering Essay Is it possible to produce a limitless battery? Since the industrial revolution, a lot of people have looked for an answer to this question, but unfortunately, they have not found it yet. Fuel cell systems can be an opportunity to realize this dream. These systems which
My Thoughts on Engineering Ethics - Essay I thought that the article by Roger Boisjoly about the ethical decisions made regarding the space shuttle Challenger disaster. It gave a fascinating account of what one engineer experienced in having to make a very
Electrodialysis of Deep Sea Water for the Production of Value Added Vegetables - Engineering Essay Abstract - The present research was carried out to apply deep sea water to hydroponics in order to improve the yield and nutritional value of vegetables. Deep sea water was electrodialyzed using a selective membrane
Bulgarian-greek Cooperation For the Intergrated Water Management of The Mesta/Nestos Transboundary River Basin. ABSTRACT - The Mesta/Nestos River basin is one of the case studies of a FP5 European project “Iron Curtain” for development of a methodology and information basis for integrated regional planning and decision making support of sustainable regional development. Priority of the Mesta/Nestos River basin is the social and
Design and Experimental Research of Electronically Controlled Common Rail System for Diesel Engines - Engineering Research Paper ABSTRACT - The electronically controlled common rail system presents many advantages, because the injection timing and common rail pressure can be controlled independently. An electronic control unit(ECU) to realize control functions is developed, and serious experiments about the injection system are conducted.