The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) - Business Research Paper (400 Level Course) In the early stages of American civilization, employers had little to no commitment to their employees. This spawned horrifying working conditions and multitudes of injustices. The United States government has been traditionally slow to react to the difficult and unfair work settings forced on its people. It took the civil rights movement of the 1960's to spark reform in many aspects of American life, including employee/employer relationships. One of the most radical, and recent, reforms the government has imposed is the Family and Medical Leave Act.
The 401(k) - Business Research Paper(300 Level Course) Daily Water cooler talks in offices spread from Los Angeles to New York are filled with questions and rumors about the down fall of social security. George Bush has used social security as the only other major reform platform in his presidency second only to his war on terror. So why is it that Americans are saving less then ever before in US history.
Staff Planning and Recruitment - Business Research Paper (300 Level Course) Every company evolves from where it once started. Change is an inevitable aspect of all organizations. Well-structured corporations anticipate and include changes in their forecast. Companies must prepare themselves for industry trends, increase in demands and turnover. SMC is a company that manufactures ergonomic office equipment in need of organizational
Human Resource Management - Business Research Paper (300 Level Course) In 1999, John B. Smith had become Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SMC. It was under his leadership that the company engaged in its negotiations to restructure and strive for a stronger balance sheet with a new focus on growth. In 2000, SMC had two primary operating companies Broyhill and Lane in furniture manufacturing. In late 2001 SMC acquired Thomasville Furniture Industries, Inc.