Application for Boston University MBA Program Essay - Example 1. Describe your experiences as a member of a team working in a professional or volunteer capacity. Comment on how you might have used leadership skills in these situations, and how your involvement helped to improve the functioning of the organization.
Cornell University Graduate School Essay - Example 243 words 1.Why are you seeking an MBA from the Johnson school? What do you hope to experience and contribute here and what are your plans/goals after you receive your degree? What factors have influenced your career decisions to date?
Application for Dartmouth College MBA - Example Essay 1.Discuss your career progression to date.Elaborating on your short-and long-term goals,how do you see your career progressing after receiving a Tuck MBA?
Application for Fuqua MBA Program - Example Essay 1. Please discuss your previous professional experiences, your long-term career goals and the role the MBA will play in those plans. Why are you interested in The Fuqua School of Business and what do you hope your contribution will be to an MBA environment? (Limit - 4 pages)
Northwestern University Application for MBA - Example Essay 1.Briefly assess your career progress to date. Elaborate on your future career plans and your motivation for pursuing a graduate degree at Kellogg. (one to two pages double-spaced)
M.I.T Application for MBA Program - Example Essay 1. Explain how the MIT Sloan MBA Program’s focus on innovation will help you achieve your career goals. I always remember my deceased father always regretting his inability to make change. My father has taught me that even though you may be ahead of others by walking, you are still behind because the others are running. My late father managed the xxx Corporation. In 19xx, He was unable to promptly prepare for the new flow of westernization into Korea, such as the firm’s information system, westernization of employees’corporate culture; acknowledgement of the labor union, new classified customer’s appearance, and westernization of the manufacture.
New York University Graduate School Application - Example Essay 1.Think about the decisions you have made in your life. Describe the following: PAST: What choices have you made that led you your current position?
Harvard Business School Application for MBA - Example Essay Essay 1.Please describe three different leadership experiences that have been significant for your. (600 words) The best leadership that I want to point out as a primary one is the leadership without any price and the leadership of pure service. In fact, I personally exercised this sort of leadership in the small island to the northern part of Korean peninsula, xxx. The island, where I was supposed to serve as of May 19xx according to the regulation of Korean government as an alternative to a military service, was a traditional society stuck in the traditional sense of value and ruled by the senior citizen apart from the modernized urban life.
University of Michigan Application for MBA - Example Essay 1. What has been your most significant professional achievement? What has been your toughest professional challenge and how did you address it?(500 words)
Berkeley Application for MBA - Graduate School Admission Essay "The unexamined life is not worth living." - Socrates, The Apology by Plato 1. In light of the above quotation, please discuss a decision you have made which, in retrospect, has had a profound influence on your present circumstances. In hindsight, would you have made a different decision? Please explain. (500 words minimum ; no maximum length.)