I finished my bachelor of science in accounting with a high GPA of 3.75 and I took MBT courses at UMN with GPA of 3.80. The biggest accomplishment is that I had five years experience and all my previous bosses gave me very high evaluation. One of my bosses had a long conversation with me before I left his company. He told me that it was a big loss that I left. When he decided to hire me, he had some worries because he felt that I’m a very demanding and self-centered person. After one year’s work with him, he found that I was very considerate and cooperative with excellent communication skills. I knew how to listen to people while I tried to lead people. I placed my faith and trust in people when I was trusted and depended upon. At the end of our conversation, he said,” Lei, you are such an effective and smart person that I believe your capability and personality will lead you to success wherever you go.