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The Clique

“The Clique… the only thing harder than getting in is staying in.” This quote written on the back cover of The Clique novel is what truly caught my attention and convinced me to read the book after hearing good reviews from my friends. This book turned out to be a dissapointment to me however it held good interest at the time due to the authors use of cynical yet gentle sense of humor throughout the story. In my opinion this book stretches the average mean girl story to a whole new level and allows readers to view their world in a whole new lifestyle.

The book The Clique stretches the average mean girl scenario to a whole new level. Everyone has seen, heard, read or even experienced the typical mean girl story where there’s the head mean girl(s) usually with sidekicks that happen to be gorgeous, popular , rich and snobby. Also tending to have the jock boyfriend and so called perfect life. Then theres the lovable loser that becomes a victim to this mean girl and thus continuing the antagonist and protagonist story. In The Clique novel author Lisi Harrison takes this played out story and brings into life with contradicting and animated characters. This novel gives you the ability to see through the eyes of top notch queen bee Massie Block mean girls’ eyes and through the lovable loser Claire Lyons.

This book also allows readers to view their world in a whole new lifestyle. The setting of the book was in Westchester County, New York and in modern day(2000-2010).This made the novel seem more realistic and felt like you were actually experiencing everything with the detailed description of settings and characters. The plot of the story was basically about Claire Lyons and Massie Block. Claire is just any average teeneager that by her fathers friendship with Massie’s father ends up moving into Massie’s guesthouse. Massie, who is queen bee to OCD or Octavian Country Day School happens to be the opposite of Claire being raised in the rich and snobby lifestyle of her families mansion. I don’t want to go in depth of the story but in combination of these two characters leads to plenty humor and drama which makes it a real page turner.

Not only did this story ameliorate the mean girl scenario and allow readers to view their world in a whole new lifestyle it stayed true to the average teen story with the popular morals of “be yourself ” and “the ups and downs of boy crushes”. In basic conclusion I recommend this novel to any girly girl or person in need of a good laugh and to teen girl’s that always wonder what it’s like to be a mean girl. I’d probably rate this with 4 out of 5 stars because of the constant grammer errors throughout the novels and because it strangely makes the readers feel as if in that moment they want to be a mean girl like Massie with the perks of being pretty, popular, rich, snobby and insanely clever.