Dr. Edward Deming is said to be the father of modern quality and a leader in business management. He claimed that an organization must change its organizational behaviors if it had any chance of reaching its highest level of performance. Deming’s work in Japan--rebuilding industries after World War II and instructing top executives and engineers in quality management--was a driving force behind the nation's economic rise and their reputation for high quality products.
Create The Music The genre called Rap originated in the Bronx, New York, in the mid 1970’ (Howard). Of the many legends of how Rap came to be the most popular has to do with the humble DJ’s and MC’s of the underground clubs. While the DJ spun the track, the MC would entertain the crowd with simple rhymes (EZ Track). Over the years, Rap Music has become the theme songs of most young African American men in the United States. However the genre has broke boundaries and entered almost every culture outside of the states. Nonetheless a Rapper, along with Rap Music, is stereotyped to be associated with the thug life. Most individuals think that a Rap song is no more than a guy spitting rhymes about how much money he has, how many women he has slept with, or how low a girl can get. Yet they neglect to mention the Rappers such as Tupac Shakur, Nas, or Ice Cube who didn’t flaunt, but instead made poetry. Tupac was one of those artists that took his gift to alter the entire Rap game (Howard).
Certainly when it comes to the 2008 presidential election senator Barack Obama is at the top of the list. Barack Obama was the fifth African American senator in the united state’s history and the only African American currently serving in the United States Senate. Senator Obama had just served three years in the Senate in Illinois before his announcement to run for presidency. But after November 3, 2008 America Brought about change and for the first time in American history elected the first African American president, Barack Obama. In my opinion he is a highly motivated speaker and is an advocate for better America. President Obama was a candidate that branched out to all political parties. Upon reading me Obama book CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN I came across some interesting policies and political challenges that we as Americans are facing in this critical time. The main political view that drew my attention was that precedent’s Obama plan to strengthen civil rights and fight for a fairer justice system, end racial profiling and protect the right to vote just reminded ones self of all the injustices that we as a nation still have to overcome. The American people could have not nominated a better man. Barack Obama’s record speaks for itself. President Obama has worked to promote civil right and fairness in the criminal justice system throughout his career. As a community organizer, Obama helped 150,000 African Americans register to vote. As a civil rights attorney, Obama litigated employment discrimination, housing discrimination and voting right cases. As a senator Obama passed one of the countries first racial profiling laws he has been a leading advocate in protecting the rights to vote and helping to re authorize the voting rights act and leading opposition against discriminatory barriers to vote and will work to enforce civil right laws.
Sexuality at Different Life Stages Aerial Familiar PSY265 December 15, 2008 Sex is the one biological process that is completely necessary for the perpetuation of humankind. We, as a race, can eat well, sleep well, drink well, and even love well, but without the capacity to reproduce we cannot continue beyond a single generation. Yet the reproductive component of sex sometimes takes a backseat to more complicated subjects such as intimacy, love, and sexual gratification when considering sex across different stages of life. Indeed, John Barrymore (n.d.), the great profile, once quipped, "Sex: the thing that takes up the least amount of time and causes the most amount of trouble" (p. 2). However emotionally and psychologically complicated sexual intercourse might be, sex still maintains a prominent and even necessary position in human lives from adolescences, through disabilities, and into the later years.