There were many problems that plagued Tanzania as it was beginning its development as an independent country. Tanzania was plagued with economic inequality and too much dependence on foreign investments. A school teacher, Julius Nyerere, from the former Tanganykan country had a vision of African socialism that would create a prosperous socialist society in Africa. From the developments that took place, Nyerere was on the right track, but through governmental mismanagement and environmental issues, his goals were never fully developed.
In the recent years Asperger’s syndrome has sparked the curiosity of many scientists studying Autism Spectrum Disorders. Multiple studies have been performed on patients with AS specifically focusing on their working memory. Working memory is a limited amount of information used over short periods of time to keep behavior continual and plan complex responses to stimuli. Working memory is a necessity to executive function. Asperger’s Syndrome interests me because; I have to care for several children with the syndrome this summer.
“Most people have an idea of what it means to be poor. Many think of conditions such as hunger, homelessness, preventable diseases, unemployment, and illiteracy as elements of poverty ”(pg1;Alters). In my eyes poverty is the condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support. Usually people living in poverty lack the essentials; for instants water, food, and shelter. .There are many causes of poverty, all though not all are accepted universally. Poverty is said to be cause by climate, Environment ,Geographic factor, lack of natural resources, Disease, lacking rule of law and also lack of democracy, infrastructure, health car, education, Government corruption, free trade, racial discrimination and overpopulation. I personally feel and agree that it is caused by all these factors. I think that the main reason for poverty is Government corruption and lack of education. As you may notice many countries living in poverty do not have an organized or democratic government. Many scholars have named Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Monarchy, Fascism and Totalitarianism as causes of poverty.