The USSR and the US maintained an alliance through WWII, until the US produced the atomic bomb, a weapon of mass destruction and symbol of world domination. The Manhattan Project was held top-secret from 1942-1945, until the US uncovered a Soviet Union spy feeding top-secret atomic information back to the USSR (“Manhattan Project”). The Americans achieved the development of the atomic bomb before anyone on May 8, 1945. At the end of WWII, the Soviet Union sent a telegram to the US explaining the hostility the two countries possessed about communism versus democracy. The two dominant nations wanted to spread their ideological government structure all through the world. Due to the aftermath of WWII, the use of the atomic bomb on Japan, and the diverse ideological differences about government structure, the relationship between the US and USSR altered from allies to adversaries. Thus, the beginning of the Cold War and the clash of nuclear proliferation began between two global dominant nations.
Of all of the childhood psychological disorders, Autism is perhaps the most overwhelming. Its sufferers are both the children afflicted with social impairment and the parents who struggle everyday to support them. Autism deprives its sufferers of the capability of having significant relationships and communication with other individuals, it causes them to become withdrawn and cancel any human contact. Perhaps the most overlooked part of this disease is the pain and guilt that it causes parents who often find it hard to love a child with no emotions, with little human traits. While the past 30 years have brought some progress towards the diagnosis of Autism, it seems that this disorder is so complex and volatile that it is very difficult to treat.