Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches may be one of the most popular sandwiches that comes to mind once the question is asked, “ What was your favorite sandwich growing up as a child” Many may not know that the origin of this PB&J sandwich has yet to be determined. However, what is known is that in World War II soldiers where given Peanut butter and jelly in their food rations. Many say that the soldiers combined the peanut butter to the jelly because that made it easier to eat. This sandwich is now eaten by many, young and old. There are six easy steps to create and enjoy this sandwich.
Behaviorism is a school of thought that emphasizes the role of experience in governing behavior (Klein 2008). Behaviorists regard behavior as overtly displayed, measurable, learned physiological reactions to environmental stimuli, rather than of mental state. Psychological disorders are seen as causes of maladaptive learning. Behavioral therapy is one in which the basic tenets of learning theory - the elementary principles of how learning occurs - are used to change behavior (Kroger 1977).
Confectionery and Chocolate industry of Pakistan in 2009 is an analysis of branded (domestically produced) confectionery and chocolate market of Pakistan. The article reveals close estimates of sales turn over of major active players in the industry. It also examines contemporary trends in the local confectionery and chocolate market, with an emphasis on providing some useful information about the structure, norms, challenges and competitive landscape of the industry. Before proceeding to our core topic, it would not be unwise to have a look at the snapshot of country’s socio-economic indicators.