Strategic Program Management Worksheet The purpose of this assignment is to begin the process of Problem Based Learning. In this step, you will be looking at one or more realistic situations and using them, in the context of this course, to identify the key concepts involved that you will need to understand in order to solve whatever problems you might encounter in those situations. Complete the table below by identifying at least five concepts that you will study from the text on the rEsource page in order to resolve the situations presented; list and briefly describe them in column A.
Introduction Throughout the history of industry, managers have tried to find new ways to motivate their workers, and maximize the utilization of each worker. Several theories were introduced and utilized throughout the years. Most of these theories faired pretty well, but had the common idea that the worker must be coerced into performing their duties in an acceptable manner. Douglas McGregor had a profound impact on this way of thinking by suggesting that treating workers as responsible, creative, and motivated human beings would allow them to reach their full potential and help contribute to the overall goal.