In this report, I will present my findings of a human resource issue assigned to me, including any prospective legal lines possibly breached. I will articulate the ideal guiding principle for this particular situation. In addition, disparate treatment, hostile work environments, and sexual harassment will be explored, as well as any impending federal infringements in relation.
In order to give an accurate answer to this question I will first need to set some perimeters; first of all define time. Time is a pre-established system, created by humankind, for describing the continuous passage of events. Time has as its basic unit the solar day, which is the average time it takes the Earth to complete one rotation around its axis. Another aspect of the question I have to define is perfect time being a relative term; perfect time depends on a specific location or time zone, but also on ‘who’ sets perfect time and how it is decided. Official time for all time zones is measured at the Greenwich Meridian (GMT) based on the Earth’s movements; therefore making this perfect time. Once we have set the perimeters is when theory of knowledge steps in. In order to claim you know your watch keeps perfect time you have to believe in it, it has to be a true and you have to be able to justify it.