The last three chapters of the book of Judges contain a very tragic story of the wickedness of the men of Gibeah and the tribe of Benjamin. The tribe of Benjamin was severely punished and was almost entirely cut off from the rest of the tribes.
Riordan Manufacturing is a worldwide plastics producer that has 550 employees on their payroll and has an annual income of $46 million dollars. The production of the company is separated between three plants, which are plastic beverage containers in Albany, Georgia; custom plastic parts in Pontiac, Michigan; and plastic fan parts in Hangzhou, China.
ITT Technical Institute (ITT Tech) is a private institution with 114 locations in 37 states. Each location offers degree programs. ITT Tech was founded in 1969 and came to Nashville in 1994. Known for its technical degree programs, it offers degrees in the areas of Information Technology, Electronics Technology, Drafting and Design,