It is an unfortunate occupational hazard that psychologists must face complex ethical dilemmas to which BPS and NHS guidance remains vague and/or fails to address (Barnett 2007). One area that remains particularly unclear is when, or even if, psychologists should breach confidentiality in the interest of the public good. Despite widespread acknowledgement of the moral uncertainty surrounding this domain, guidelines from regulatory bodies remain overly broad and delegate much of the decision making to the prerogative of the psychologist. With this in mind, these guidelines aim to assist NHS psychologists in making decisions regarding confidentiality by considering both NHS and BPS guidelines alongside current research and literature.
There I am lying in my bed, my body in tangled in the blankets. As I turn my head I slowly open my eyes to see what time it is on the clock. The number reads 6:45a.m. I think to myself “O no I am going to be so late!” I roll out of bed thinking that I had laid my clothes out the night before, as I look around that thought slowly leaves my head. I hear people downstairs, so I yell out “Mom have you seen where I put my clothes, I am running late!” My mom replies,” No honey, but come get some breakfast when you get done.”
In the reading the “Radical Individualism” which is derived from the book the American Democratic in Peril the issue of individualism in the American tradition was discussed. The definition of individualism is the moral stance, political philosophy, ideology, or social outlook that stresses independence and self-reliance.
Employee Privacy Rights in the Workplace When you are an employee, you would want to be treated and compensated fairly at all times. Many employees today are aware of all their legal rights that they have at their workplace. They can find all the rights through their employee handbook, and/or through their Human Resources center. But there are still some employees that are not aware about their rights at all. When discussing about employee rights at work, managers and employees seems to have different point of view. Managers want their employees to do their jobs that they are entitling to do. They also want their employees to do their best and not to waste any time on their personal stuff that’s not related to their job. While most employees want to perform their best at work, but still want to be able to have some personal space.