Depression is a mood disorder that is becoming more and more common. The effects this disorder has on its victims is horrible. Diagnosing this disease is not easily done. Luckily when it can be diagnosed there are effective treatments known.
When referring to epigenetic theory, it is a relatively new theory that focuses on the genetic origins and how they are affected by the interactions with the environment. This theory is based on the fact that over time environmental forces will impact the expression of certain genes. The theory believes that each human has a genetic foundation that is unique. Environment is very important and may cause a person to follow one path or another from their genetic bases, depending upon conditions. On the other hand, the environmental theory removes the genetic factor. This theory believes that a child is a product of direct interaction with their environment. Proponents of the environmental theory believe that children learn best through repetition and memorization.
“Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free”. This is the opening stanza of our national anthem, an anthem that infers to the rest of the world that we, as Australians, enjoy the luxury of living in a free, democratically led country. It is incorrigible to me that in this day and age where people pride themselves on being globally aware and democratically charged that few have realised that the very real and undemocratic process of compulsory voting is not only alive and well upon the shores of our great country, but accepted and sanctioned as a civic responsibility.