Crimson Craving Blood sucker. Leach. Succubus. Cold one. They have been called many names. They have remained a mystery for many years. Songs have been written about them. Many movies have been made about them. Vampires are one of the many mysterious entities that have been of great interest for as long as I can remember. Every time a new movie comes out about them, a new curiosity is sparked and a fad is reborn. However, one of the movies recently made from a popular novel about vampires has become one of the most popular of all time, and has three more parts in its saga. A plethora of memorabilia was created about Twilight. It quickly became a hit. It is definitely a popular culture of the current times. If you were alive in November 2008 when the movie came out, you witnessed the craze. If you did not witness it and you were alive, then you must have been hiding under a rock somewhere.

The Age of Imperialism - History 204: American History Since 1865

The idea of American Imperialism started in the late Nineteenth century. This idea however was not supported by all Americans. It was the opinion of the Anti-Imperialist league founded in 1899 that we should not be getting involved in the affairs of other nations. Most Americans however found that Imperialism was a necessity in order to build a country that would be a power house among nations. Imperialism was not only practiced by our nation but many other nations that sought power and prestige.
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