Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) is a very serious injury. To fully understand it, you must know what it is. You must also know the symptoms are, and how you can get it. What occupations does RSI usually occur in? Are there any ways to prevent it? Are there exercises that you can do to prevent it? How can employers prevent this in their employees? In the following paper, you will understand all of these questions and hopefully learn a lot about RSI.
The Monroe Doctrine History during the early 1800’s found the American people very interested in the situation involving the Latin American countries found in central, South America, and Mexico. Though these Latin countries tried to establish their own government and proclaimed their independence, certain European countries continued to fight and reinstate their force and power over them. A major factor to consider was that France and Spain were considering joining forces to create a large and powerful military force, also in hopes of moving in to reclaim the areas of Latin states in which French or Spanish power had slipped.