The explosion in the use of portable devices and electronic products such as laptops, toys, audio devices, etc. has resulted in a rapidly increasing demand for portable energy sources. However, the market of primary (non-rechargeable) batteries has shrunk over the past decade. This project is about a proposed campaign for encouraging people to use more of the declining product, reminding them of the forgotten need, on the example of the current market leader Duracell brand by Procter & Gamble.
The bond market is a financial market where participants buy and sell debt securities, usually in the form of bonds. Like emerging-market countries around the world, Bangladesh could benefit from having a local-currency, fixed-income securities market. At present, its main fixed-income financial products are bank deposits, bank loans, government savings certificates, term loans, treasury bills, and government bonds and corporate debt (syndicated loans, private placement, and debentures). But in general the corporate debt market is still very small compared with the equity market. Numerous factors in Bangladesh today suggest that Bangladesh will not be able to develop an active, local-currency fixed-income market. In this paper, we will discuss the current situation of our bond market, what the drawbacks are and what may be the remedy for overcoming these drawbacks.