Global warming is becoming a bigger issue every day. There are, however, many ways to look at this situation. One way you could look at it is that, “human activity is accelerating climate change,” according to many scientists. Another way to look at it, as some scientists say, is that “while global warming is occurring, it’s happening at such a slow rate that there isn’t any serious cause for alarm.” How do you see it?
Financial statements are important in providing an overview of the company’s financial condition both in short and long term. Financial statements should be understandable, relevant, reliable, and comparable and are used by owners, managers, investors to help them make important business decisions. The audience, purpose, and nature of financial statements and managerial reports will be examined. In addition, the use of financial accounting information in making informed and ethical business decisions will be discussed.
In modern society, motivation is still considered a contentious issue within management circles. The key for managers is to understand and utilise the numerous motivational factors that affect employees within the workplace. Financial rewards are regarded as a key factor in workplace motivation; however, additional factors such as work appreciation, variety, and security remain just as important. These factors can best be described as work outcomes which are a result of employee inputs. Adams’ equity theory identifies both inputs and outcomes as the two primary components in the employee-employer exchange, Kinicki & Kreitner (2007, p. 242).
What prompts adolescents to engage in sexual activity in regards to peer pressure, parental guide and religious beliefs? Approximately one in every five adolescents have had sexual intercourse by his/her fifteenth birthday. Recent studies have shown that peer pressure has the strongest impact on adolescents decision making towards sexual activity. Parenting and religion have been found to be less influential. For that reason, adolescents as well as parents need to be informed about the effects of peer pressure on sexual decision-making.