If we were to consider the decision making process in the United States versus England regarding domestic issues we would first want to note who’s in majority in the legislative offices, as it will affect policy making ideologically. We will say, then, that the President and the majority in the House of Representatives is Republican and the majority in the Senate is Democrat. From here we can discuss the decision making process regarding domestic issues.
With school children there is always some “hip” group or club to be apart of. However, these groups are usually just fads and true friendship lasts much longer. Such is the case with Jason Taylor and Dean Moran. Their friendship is stronger than the interest and excitement of being a member of the secret “Spooks”. “By the time you’re thirteen gangs’re babyish, like dens or legos. But spooks is a more secret society. Dean Moran’s dad said spooks started years ago as a kind of secret union for farmhands. If a landowner didn’t pay what he owed, say, the Spooks’d all go round to get justice.