The time and place: 1959; Clinton, Ontario, Canada. The crime: the rape and murder of a 12 year old girl. The Suspect: a 14 year old boy, one of the victim’s classmates. The story of Steven Truscott and the crime he was convicted of committing was shocking when it happened nearly 50 years ago, but even as recent of February 2007, this case has been making headlines in Canadian news. This case could have been a contributing factor to the shaping of the Canadian criminal code, specifically the juvenile system and the death penalty. The details of the case must be explored to better understand the impact it made in Canada, and how it has continued to affect the life of Steven Truscott.
Throughout the course of this semester we learned a lot about war and peacemaking in this class. Knowing about wars and peace in the Orthodox Church is very important to any Orthodox Christian. Christ taught us to turn away from evil and evil works of the devil and demons. The church also forbids any clergy member to bare arms and who ever sheds blood even by accident to step down from the clergy position. The church also understands that there must be some form of government like the police and armed forces, which may need to bare arms to protect the people.